Woodford Reserve’s New Malt Whiskey Is Almost Bourbon

Woodford Reserve’s latest offering is a full-run of widely available, very affordable malt whiskey – but it’s virtually nothing like you’d expect.


Woodford Reserve’s just-revealed malt whiskey has one foot in Scotch and another in bourbon.

The brand’s first widely available foray into malt whiskey sees it firmly aligned with its Kentucky roots. Instead of making a pounding single malt, the famed spirit maker opted for a 51 percent malt, 47 percent corn and 2 percent rye blend, giving it a profile all its own. This altogether different take on the contemporary malt whiskey makes for an ideal transition spirit from bourbons to malts, and harkens back to Kentucky’s Scots-Irish past, and the pre-Prohibition era South that produced whiskey with quite literally anything they could.

Woodford Reserve’s malt is aged in charred oak barrels, and its tasting notes, per the brand’s website, are “Dark chocolate and caramel coated nuts are dried out with a dusting of cocoa powder and brown spice. A fruit medley brightens a trace of toasted coconut and rich, bright oak character.”

Woodford Reserve Malt Whiskey will begin rolling out nationwide in June.

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