Pro Chefs’ Favorite Cookware Manufacturer Just Designed Pans for Small Kitchens

Matryoshka pans, folks.


You will find it difficult to find professional chefs who argue the quality and consistency of All-Clad’s stainless steel cookware. The brand that invented bonded cookware (essentially pans with layers of different materials that optimize cooking performance) perfected it, too, and its latest release, though less flashy than what’s come before, is mighty useful to one type of person — the keeper of a small kitchen.

Where past cookware sets, including a great many from All-Clad, focus on using new and different metals, or solving some performance-adjacent issue with other cookware, the All-Clad D3 Compact Set is all about the real estate your pots and pans take up. The innovation is rather simple: they nest within each other and have fewer tops that work with multiple pans. The “D3” in the name indicates this cookware is crafted in the exact same manner as All-Clad’s mainline product (the “3” is for three layers — steel, aluminum then more steel). As always, the pans are all made in the US, too.

The new stainless steel digs launch in sets of five, seven and ten.

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