This Whiskey Display Case Is Also a Bulletproof Safe

To show off and protect your finest bottles of brown.


If you are in the position to own whiskey valuable enough to warrant a bulletproof safe, you probably want to put that whiskey in a place where people can see it, too.

That’s the gist behind the Whisky Vault, a nice looking safe with a window display that also repels bullets. The safe, which was born out of the founder’s frustration with finding an adequate display safe, is built in two parts. The vault is made of steel plates, a UL-certified electronic locking mechanism, three 25mm locking bolts and an aluminum tri-spoke handle.

The safe sits atop a two-level wooden cabinet (presumably where you store your less expensive bottles of whiskey) which is available in a variety of woods and finishes.

The whole thing, which weighs roughly 300 pounds, starts at $6,000 and is completely made-to-order, is available to order now through the Whisky Vault website.

Learn More: Here

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