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Fake it 'til you make it

Loft Resumes

For those who have spent any amount of time under the tutelage of a b-school prof, you know that, in their eyes, dressing up your resume is tantamount to suicide. However, it’s 2012 and the job market isn’t exactly ushering people in the front door. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, you’ve got to stand out, which is why Loft Resumes is such an intriguing service. Starting at around $99, their design team will turn your once utilitarian document into a work of art by adding impeccable visual design and giving a little form to function. Your purchase allows you to upload your information and work with the design team for revisions and edits. All of their resumes are professionally designed, easy to read, and visually striking to the reader.

If the job search has been slow for you, consider giving it try. Trust us, their work looks better than your personal “about me” Powerpoint, no matter how hard you worked on those customized animations.

Buy Now: $99+

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