Great box of fire

Grill Cube

New evidence suggests that our mancestors may have started cooking with fire almost a million years ago. We’re willing to bet the chefs on duty in the Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa wish they had a Grillcube.

Billed as a greener way to grill, Grillcube is essentially a cardboard box full of natural hardwood charcoal. The pièce de résistance, however, is its recycled cardboard box design that incorporates an air flue and an easy to light wick. That means that you don’t have to wait for a flame, or contaminate your grilled goods with horrors like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Instead, with the flick of one match, and enough time to season your steaks, the heat from that flue will light the charcoal, and you’re ready to grill.

Each Grillcube can keep a party of four happily fed and burns for about a half an hour. Its portable design and lack of chemical accelerants also means it stacks and stores safely just about anywhere. It may have taken them a million years to perfect the flame, let’s just hope they get pricing and distribution sorted out before June.

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