Haiku Fan

Change is in the air


It’s time to replace your ceiling fan. That brass and wicker adorned wafter you installed in your living room in 1991 has had its day in the country kitsch sun. Update your decor with the 2012 Red Dot Design Award winning Haiku Fan. Completely deconstructed and reimagined from the ground up by the experts at Big Ass Fans, the Haiku is a marvel of minimalism and efficiency. Three sleek and smooth airfoils meld into the motor housing to deliver what they call “organic essentialism”. Hippy jargon aside, whether you order it equipped with the hand-finished Cocoa or Caramel colored Bamboo foils the Haiku is lust worthy enough to be hung on a wall, never mind the ceiling.

The beauty continues with the internals as the Haiku drive unit is an absolute model of efficiency. While most Energy Star certified fans suck up sixty-five Watts of juice, the Haiku spins on approximately two to thirty Watts, making it 450% to 700% more energy efficient. That means it’ll only cost you about five bucks a year to keep those blades spinning. The cost of the chiropractor visits you’ll need from staring at your ceiling, well that’s another story.

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