Honda Miimo Robot Mower



Honda makes cars. Honda makes mowers. Honda makes robots. Inevitably something like this was going to happen. Seeking to break into the home-automation-please-do-my-job-while-I-have-a-beer industry, the Honda Miimo is an autonomous mowing device which uses a new fan cutting system developed by Honda to slice up your grass only 3mm at a time. The Miimo is geared for use multiple times a week to tame your grass and reuse the small clippings as natural fertilizer. Using special sensors that you install in your yard, the Miimo follows random movements to cover the entire span of your yard (sorry, no baseball field lines) until reaching a pre-established perimeter or bumping into objects, which will send Miimo into another direction. The electric motor produces zero CO2 and includes a built-in fail-safe feature that ensures people can’t injure themselves by picking Miimo up while it’s cutting. When the battery is low the mower will park itself back in the charging station. It’s just too bad Miimo doesn’t include an Asimo to bring you a cold brew while you watch.

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