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This Youtube Chef’s Kitchen Is Stocked with a Sick Cast-Iron Skillet, a Famous Knife and a Lot More

Matty Matheson’s home kitchen is a gear nerd’s dream.


Matty Matheson is a former professional chef, a frequent guest on Vice’s Munchies and former host of a pair of Viceland food shows. But more than anything, he is a very loud, very Canadian cook who likes the Grateful Dead. His most recent endeavor is his personal Youtube channel, Just a Dash, where he’s posted videos with names like “Drop Acid & Butter Baste Steaks” and “Larb is Goooood.” And it just so happens Matheson’s kitchen is absolutely stacked with some of the best cookware money can buy. From a grail-worthy handmade skillet to a world-famous knife, here’s a small selection of Matheson’s preferred cooking gear.

Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon

These spoons are the kitchen version of “if you know, you know.” They’re slightly longer and deeper than your standard spoon, so you’re able to hold more liquid from a few useful inches further away from hot sauces (or, in this case, butter). Get one and never look back.

Buy Now: $12


The single most ubiquitous product in kitchens was not made for cooks, but for carpenters. Fortunately for the folks behind the Microplane, its ability to grate cheese and zest fruits is unmatched.

Buy Now: $13

Peugeot Pepper Mill

One pepper mill to rule them all. Peugeot’s pepper mill can be found in chef’s kitchens and your grandma’s kitchen. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, it’s elegant and it just works. Yes, $46 is a lot to spend on a pepper mill, but this one’s worth it.

Buy Now: $46

Finex Cast-Iron Skillets

On the counter behind Matheson sits a stack of Finex’s strange but well-loved cast-iron skillets. They’re heavier than most modern cast-iron pans and sport a machhined smooth cooking surface, a unique octogonal shape and a spring coil handle. Even though the company is owned by the affordable cast iron makers at Lodge, they don’t come cheap.

Buy Now: $115+

Blanc Creatives Carbon Steel Skillet

This is a deep-cut of a deep-cut. It’s carbon steel, not cast iron, so it’s a little bit lighter but carries similar searing power and heat retention. But this one is made by hand by Blanc Creatives, and, sadly, you can’t buy one just like it anymore. The brand recently ceased hand-hammered cookware production in favor of a more mechanized process. Its original pans can be found under the Heritage collection on their site, but they’re all sold out. Its new line is available for (slightly) lower prices.

Buy Now: $240+

Bob Kramer x Zwilling Carbon Steel Knife

By all accounts, Bob Kramer is America’s greatest living bladesmith. He designed these knives with Zwilling in the same shape and style of the bespoke blades he sells for tens of thousands of dollars at auction. Even at $300, these are the most affordable Kramer-designed knives on the market.

Buy Now: $300

Mauviel Copper Cookware

I can’t be 100 percent certain those are Mauviel pots, but knowing all the other outrageously nice gear in the kitchen, it’s likely. Copper cookware is, bar-none, the most expensive cookware you can buy. The material is expensive and its ability to heat up and cool down extremely fast is unique and useful to chefs and home cooks who know what they’re doing. Mauviel’s copper pots are cookware flexes.

Buy Now: $70+

Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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