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The Best New Coffee Gear of the Year, According to Coffee Nerds

Hundreds of new gadgets and brew equipment hit the coffee scene every year. These were the best, according to a cabal of coffee nerds.


Every year, Sprudge, coffee news and culture site of record, nominates and gives out awards to the best things in coffee in that given year, including an 8-item competition for the Best New Product in all of coffee. Here are the Sprudgie nominations for the best new coffee gear of the year.

AeroPress Go

The even-smaller update to what was already the world’s most effective travel brewer was a shoe-in nomination. It was also one of our best products of 2019.

Buy Now: $32

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

A travel mug that holds pleasure on the same plane as heat-retention. The Everywhere Mug’s best features are a super-thin lip for easy sipping and ceramic coating that doesn’t hold onto the coffee from last week.

Buy Now: $30

La Marzocco KB90

This is a commercial-grade espresso machine that you won’t buy, but will probably stumble across at your local café. Among the long feature list is a La Marzocco first: a straight-in portafilter that allows baristas to more quickly (and more easily) turn out shots of the good stuff.

Learn More: Here

FrankOne Cold Brew Maker

FrankOne uses a patent-pending vacuum technology to brew coffee instead of the standard drip setup. The result is extremely rich, full-bodied coffees that replicates cold brewed coffee in a matter of minutes.

Buy Now: $100

Acaia Pearl Model S

The Model S confirmed what we already knew: Acaia’s scales are the high-end barista scale. In lieu of listing dozens of features, know this: the S is the most comprehensive coffee scale ever made.

Buy Now: $185

Sanremo Brave

Yeah, so you won’t be buying this. Sanremo’s Brave is a suped-up version of the company’s Opera and classic Café Racer, with a separate mode for flow rate adjustments. It costs in the neighborhood of $30,000.

Learn More: Here

Wilfa Svart Uniform Grinder

This Euro-only grinder was co-designed by the one and only Tim Wendelboe. Its standout feature is the sheer size of its burrs, which means it grinds slowly but cleanly and with as little heat as possible.

Learn More: Here

Ember Mug 2.0

The second iteration of Ember’s always-warm to-go mug boasts longer battery life and a very satisfying touch display.

Buy Now: $180

Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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