Los Angeles Film Map

Which way to the theater?

We Are Dorothy

While it’s undeniably cool to adorn your home theater with minimalist or unique movie posters (like these, and these), we know your sound-proofed walls need art as nuanced as your taste in film itself. The Los Angeles Film Map (~$40) has you covered in every direction. Littered within its 24 x 32-inch borders are the titles of over 900 Hollywood hits, appearing as the streets, parks and waterways of a vintage style street map that’s loosely based on the city of Angels.

Created by the British (why didn’t they do London, Guv’na?) design team at We Are Dorothy, the L.A. Film Map enables you to plot a course across the Lost Highway, down the Mean Streets, past The Blue Lagoon and over to Soylent Green park, all the while watching sights disappear in your Rear Window. Oh, and there’s districts dedicated to Hitchcock and British Cult Horror movies. On top of being a sweet piece of eye candy, it can also help settle debates between you and the missus over what to watch next. If it comes to it, we suggest hanging a left before you hit The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Buy Now: ~$40

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