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From our signature dive watch to our first foray into cycling, the collaboration process underpins our evergreen love for thoughtful, well-made goods.

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One of the most rewarding parts of collaborating with other brands is being able to apply our observations and learnings from rigorous testing to the product development and design process. The relationship between field testing and development is at the core of our ethos and underpins our evergreen love for thoughtful, well-made goods. From our signature dive watch to our first foray into cycling, shop our collection of exclusive collaboration products produced in partnership with some of the best brands out there. For a limited time, save up to 25% when you shop our collaborations and as always, enjoy free shipping on all orders inside the United States.

Dims. x Gear Patrol Utility Cart

The original Dims. Barbican Trolley is one of Dims.’ most beloved designs, but it’s always been strictly an indoor-use item. We teamed up with the Dims. team to beef up the Barbican; we replaced the wooden handle with one in steel, upgraded the castors with rugged replacements and applied a brand new powder coat finish that is impervious to all manners of hard use. The result is the first-ever indoor/outdoor Barbican. Coming in an exclusive Gear Patrol navy, the Dims. x Gear Patrol Utility Cart is ready for just about anything you can throw at it.

Buy Now: $399 $319

Topo Designs x Gear Patrol Backpack Tote

The Topo Designs x Gear Patrol Backpack Tote began its life in Topo Designs’ archive. The original design had been retired in favor of more modern cuts, but we knew that with a few tweaks it could be revitalized. So we sat down with Topo’s product development team and began riffing. After several prototypes and copious testing, we had reengineered the backpack tote into a lightweight, smartly-configured everyday wear bag with four carrying methods. Produced in a single limited run, this collaboration is one of our most coveted collaborations yet.

Buy Now: $139 $104.25

Knickerbocker x Gear Patrol Overland Tee

Our first collaboration with the New York City-based fashion brand Knickerbocker is perhaps the closest to home. Having always been inspired by the City and companies that call it home, we were stoked to be able to collaborate with such a storied brand. And the artwork – commissioned from the ever-cool Joshua Minnich – is a loving hat tip to the perennial object of our obsession, the Land Rover. This comfortable tee is one part celebration, one part reminder to get out there and chase down that next adventure; once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Buy Now: $38 $28.50

Priority Bicycles x Gear Patrol Commuter Bike

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a simple, purpose-built commuter bike that is agile enough for the city and comfortable enough for daily riding. Long time Gear Patrol partner Priority Bicycles has been crushing the space for years, so when we decided we wanted to build a bike to our spec, there was no other name on the list of collaborators. The Commuter Bike is a unique build that expands on Priority Bicycle’s most revered model – the L Train – and is finished in the sleek, understated tones of the city. Find this exclusive model only at the Gear Patrol Store.

Buy Now: $899 $799

Hamilton x Gear Patrol Special Edition Dive Watch

Our first collaboration also happens to be the first of its kind. Never before had Hamilton worked so closely with a company to re-design one of its core models. Now, after more than a year since its launch, the Hamilton x Gear Patrol Special Edition Dive Watch is our most sought after product. Now on our third production run, this special edition watch has the kind of go-anywhere, do-anything versatility found in our favorite products. Find your new everyday wearer, only at the Gear Patrol Store.

Buy Now: $745 $595

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