Brooklyn Butcher Blocks Brickwork Board

No petri in your dishes


You may have hoodwinked a loved one into dropping some coin on a proper knife set this holiday season, but you probably didn’t realize that a decent cutting board is just as important. In many types of cutting boards (both wood and plastic), a knife leaves a scar or slice mark in the material, which acts as a tiny incubator where meats and foodstuffs stick and fester. Made using an end-grain design, the Brooklyn Butcher Blocks Brickwork Board ($300) ensures your delicious meals stay exactly where they’re supposed to: in the stomachs of your guests.

Unlike traditional edge-grain boards, where the grain of the wood runs perpendicular to your knife’s edge, the grains in this board face toward the cutting surface. When you slice, your blade runs between the wood fibers rather than slashing through them. No slashes equal no scars, and no scars mean less likelihood for bacteria and sickness. The 12 x 18 x 2 inch mahogany and walnut board has been biscuit-jointed, making it both handsome and durable enough to take the abuse of the most untrained hacks. Don’t worry chef, we’re talking about the act of cutting, not you.

Buy Now: $300

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