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The Best Office Chairs for Quality Ergonomics

Everything you need to know to find an office chair best suited to your needs, including ergonomics, price, aesthetics and features.

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Long has the doom of sitting been forecasted. Published papers aplenty have argued that a stationary life is shorter and trouble-ridden, and the primary workarounds are many — standing desks, frequent breaks, stretching, taking walks and so on. But none address the simple fact that, sometimes, to get shit done, we simply need to plant ourselves in a chair and get after it.

Luckily, a number of companies are working to beat each other at building the best office chairs, even though they all know it’s not possible. No one chair is the best for everyone, so take our guide with plenty of salt. If you can, go to stores and showrooms in your area and sit down, lean back, lean forward, pull levers and ask questions about everything — your back, muscles, various joints and brain will thank you.

      What to Look For in an Office Chair


      Every office chair should have some amount of adjustability because each chair needs to be able to accommodate different types of people, whether it's for height or weight. At a minimum, an office chair should have adjustable height. But if that's all the chair offers, it's probably not the best chair for you (or anyone). Look to see what other points of adjustability a chair has such as adjustable armrests, back height, tilt position and seat depth. Keep in mind that the more adjustable a chair is, the higher in price it's likely to be.

      Lumbar Support

      Lumbar refers to the part of the spine that's located in your lower back region. If you have lower back pain (or even if you don't), you'll definitely want to look for a chair with lumbar support. This usually refers to some sort of horizontal attachment — whether it's a cushion or piece of stiff plastic — on your chair that helps provide support to your lumbar region. The lumbar support should be adjustable so you can tailor it to where you need to focus extra lower back support.


      From leather to fabric, office chairs can be made of practically anything. Upholstered chairs are generally cheaper, but harder to clean than their leather counterparts. Also, brands keep inventing new innovative materials that provide better support and breathability than more classic materials.

      Office Chair Brands to Know


      An extreme and praise-worthy focus on sustainable, eco-friendly design and gorgeous aesthetics come together with research-backed ergonomics at Humanscale. A through-line can be seen in all Humanscale’s more recent products — simplicity. Simplicity urged forward by the late American industrial designer Niels Diffrient in his partnership with Humanscale, which yielded two of the most notable and respected chairs ever — the Freedom and Diffirent World.


      Herman Miller

      Herman Miller is the company behind many of the most iconic pieces in the era of mid-century modern but its catalog has far more to offer than famous lounge chairs. When Herman Miller released the Aeron office chair, it instantly became the, or at least one of the best makers of office seating the world over. The American brand’s most notable office chairs are likely the Aeron, Embody and the newly released Cosm, a fully passive ergonomic chair with a few unique-unto-itself features.



      Where Herman Miller and others work in a variety of furniture areas, Steelcase narrows its gaze to furniture with a performance and sustainability bend. The 105-year-old company is unrelenting in its focus on research-guided design, and it is most known for the Gesture, Leap and its auto-adjusting (and fairly new) SILQ.



      Like Herman Miller, Knoll was (and has become again) mid-century royalty. Also like Herman Miller, it didn’t fall off the face of the earth. Knoll still peddles high-end, luxurious home furniture aplenty, but its office seating, the Generation line in particular, is a revelation. Ergonomic, good looking and sold at price points low and high, Knoll covers the spectrum of what you need now and in the future.


      The Best Office Chairs of 2022

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      How We Tested
      best office chairs
      Gear Patrol Staff

      The features we test for are founded in notes gathered through interviews with experts in the category, including ergonomics specialist and President of Human Innovation Designs Dr. Brock Walker. To illustrate the need for a body friendly desk chair, Walker suggests you picture your head as a bowling ball. "How would your body hold that bowling ball up? If you lean backward, hunch over or slouch, you’re asking your muscles and soft tissue to hold up the bowling ball all day," he says.

      Every office chair in this guide has been tested for at least a month's time by an editor or writer, but most are used for three months before being evaluated and, if scored well, added to the guide. Tester's notes on delivery, assembly, comfort, issues, strengths and any other quibbles they have are recorded and weighed against the product's price and warranty, as well as the brand customer service response times. We've evaluated more than 60 office chairs, and whittled down those to the 23 best.

      Best Overall Office Chair
      Steelcase Series 1
      Best Upgrade Office Chair
      Steelcase Gesture
      Best Budget Office Chair
      Branch Task Chair
      Best Office Chair on Amazon
      Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Chair
      Now 26% off
      Best Office Chair Under $200
      Alera Elusion Chair
      Best Sustainable Office Chair
      Humanscale Path Chair
      Easiest-to-Assemble Office Chair
      Branch Daily Chair
      Best Office Chair for Neck Pain
      Autonomous ErgoChair Pro
      Best WFH Office Chair
      Branch Verve Chair
      Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain
      X-Chair X1 Task Chair
      Best Office Chair From Ikea
      Ikea Markus
      Library of Pursuits

      A great home office is made up of more than just stuff. Sign up here for our exclusive 6-step course on how to turn your home office into a temple for productivity.

      Best Office Chair Under $300
      Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair
      Now 10% off
      Best High-Capacity Office Chair
      Fully Desk Chair
      Best Cheap Office Chair for Tall People
      HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Chair
      Now 16% off
      Best Affordable Herman Miller Office Chair
      Herman Miller Sayl Chair
      Herman Miller
      Best Low-Profile Office Chair
      Blu Dot Daily Task Chair
      Blu Dot
      Best Breathable Office Chair
      Knoll ReGeneration
      Best Office Chair for Small Spaces
      Humanscale Diffrient World Chair
      Best Office Chair for Improved Posture
      All33 BackStrong C1
      Best Self-Adjusting Office Chair
      Humanscale Freedom
      Best Office Chair for Weightlessness
      Herman Miller Cosm Chair
      Herman Miller
      Best Classic Office Chair
      Herman Miller Aeron
      Herman Miller
      Best Grail Office Chair
      Herman Miller Embody
      Herman Miller
      The 11 Best Standing Desks for the Home or Office
      standing desks

      Each has been selected for its design, ergonomics and ability to toggle between sitting and standing positions.


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