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Short Intro To The SeeMore Putting Company

The SeeMore Putter Company has had an interesting ride in the putter industry since its inception back in 1997. After Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open using one of their putter, on top of the golf equipment world. They sold around 30,000 putters the next day. That sounds like their dream come true, right? Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived, as those growing pains ended up killing them. SeeMore fell off the map and eventually sold out to an investment company, fading into obscurity.

Luckily, SeeMore wasn’t destined to languish there forever. The company’s exile ended when two former Odyssey Putter Executives bought the company and immediately went to work on building the brand back up to what it was originally known for. In almost no time flat, the two men and their team have built SeeMore Putters back into one of the biggest putter companies in the biz. Even better, they’ve done it the right way, sticking with the technology that got them to the top a decade ago and by adding some great designs to their existing line-up. All this, while keeping quality as their #1 goal.

If you are not that familiar with SeeMore putters, you need to know that the concept behind the system is all about being square at address. They call it RifleScope Technology and it looks like this (above).

The Making Of A SeeMore

Here is an insider’s look at what goes into to making the SeeMore Putter line. These are 100% milled in the USA. The process starts California and the finish is done in Tennessee. The crew over at SeeMore is a class act in the putter industry; if you want to learn more about the SeeMore guys, their story, or just want more info on their putters go check them out at

From Block To Beauty


The milling process starts with cutting a bar of hot-drawn U.S. 303 stainless steel into discrete blocks. Here we are working on some new hosel prototypes for Seemore. Two putters can be crafted from each block of steel.

SeeMore Inserts


CNC milling of aluminum SeeMore inserts. Checking for precision with digital calipers.



“Hogging” out a block of 303 stainless steel. This is one of the first operations where we remove the bulk of the excess steel in a short amount of time. Notice the size of the cutter, the detail comes in the final operation where we use smaller diameter cuts for the intricate geometry.

Tools Of The Trade


Quite a number of tools of various sizes, diameters, and materials are utilized to mill just one putterhead. Average of about twenty different cutters are needed in total.

The CNC Machine


Here’s a picture of the machine that does it all – the CNC Horizontal Mill (Computer Numerically Controlled – precision to 0.0001”).

The “Scraps”


Obviously, we create a ton of waste. All of which is recycled.

Engraving The Serial Number


Every SeeMore head is engraved with a serial number, cataloged with milling date/time

Cost: $185

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