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Katadyn Hiker Water Microfilter

Protozoa, Bacteria, Virus Free Water. Sounds Delicious.

Protozoa, Bacteria, Virus Free Water. Sounds Delicious.


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

The last thing you want is Giardia.

When you go hiking how clean is your water? More importantly, how heavy is it? At around two pounds a liter, water is one of the heaviest things in your pack, but you never want to underestimate what you’ll need out there. So next time you hit the trail lighten your load and bring a Katadyn Hiker water filter and fill up at any stream on or off the trail.

At eleven ounces, the Swiss made Katadyn Hiker is perfect for back country. It will filter out all the nasties in any water you come across, even the dreaded giardia. I used it on a recent hike up Half Dome in Yosemite National Park (photo from my trek after the jump), and I’m glad to report an issue free trip, if you know what I mean. Too much information? Perhaps, but hey it worked and it saved my ass from getting dehydrated when my party ran out of water.

Cost: $52


It looks pristine… but trust me – you want that water filtered.

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