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Get in Shape This Summer With the Best Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Stand-up paddle boarding is an incredible workout.


The popularity of stand-up paddle boarding has increased exponentially over the past few years — and it’s really no surprise. It’s a simple way to get out on the water and enjoy the weather at your own leisurely pace. But if you’ve ever spent a day navigating seaside-town lagoons, bays or lakes, you know stand-up paddle boarding is one hell of a workout. From the constant paddling to stabilizing and steering yourself and the board, almost every muscle below the chin is put to work. So when you do get that beach body you’ve been working towards, there’s no better way to keep it than a summer full of SUP sessions. These are some of the best SUP boards to do it with.

Soft Top Classic by ISLE $545+
The width and length make the Soft Top Classic extremely stable and great for beginners and more leisurely cruises.

The Weekender by Ten Toes $600
Being the only inflatable model on the list, the Weekender is the easiest board to stow and carry between SUP sessions.

Cross by BIC $880+
A broad deck lends itself to two-up rides and even advanced yoga, if you trust your balance enough.

All-Rounder by Adventure Paddle Boarding $895
Just like the name implies, the All-Rounder can handle flat-water cruising or carving a wave or two.

Native by Stand On Liquid $1,299
The overall shape holds up well to long hauls and elastic gear tie-downs at the fore and aft encourage lengthier daylong adventures.

Raven by Boardworks $1,317
The Raven’s aggressive shape is more of a sport-touring model. A sleeker silhouette enables higher speeds over smooth waters.

Atlas by Starboard $1,399
Made from high-quality materials, the Atlas’s light weight and strong build justify the price.

River Rover by Lakeshore $1,402
Designed with a canoe-like front end, the River Rover tracks and glides over long distances a lot like the vessel that inspired its shape.

Rip Tide by Tidal Roots $3,100
Essentially the Rolls-Royce of SUP boards, the 100 percent cedar top and bottom deck provide natural rigidity while the hollow core keeps the overall weight down. An internal truss system beefs up structural rigidity further, while also improving tracking.

Have the Board? Get the Gear

Now that you have the board you want, you’ll need some essential gear to get out on the water and get paddling. Read the Story

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