Oakley Bruce Irons Signature Series Dispatch

Tubular Man!

bruce irons oakley

Even if you can’t ride a board to save your life, thanks to Oakley, you can still channel the look of Hawaiian surfing icon Bruce Irons with the Oakley Bruce Irons Signature Series Dispatch sunglasses ($230). Personally designed by Bruce to reflect his life, these beefy custom Dispatch glasses feature punk inspired red and black graphics along the inner stem, along with the Hawaiian flag printed across the shade’s prominent “O” icon. If you’d prefer something slightly less flashy, Oakley also includes an extra set of regular silver “O” icons that can be swapped in. You know for those moments when a tuxedo is required. On the lens side, these shades have all the top-notch Oakley vision technology you would expect for the price including the company’s premium HDPolarized lenses, which help with cutting past water glare or scrutinizing the…umm..”scenery”. Those with prescription requirements can also opt to have the same technology applied for great looking specs that still help you see.

Buy Now: $230

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