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Love the Outdoors? There’s a Dating App for That.

Swipe right if you like making out by the campfire.


In the past decade, all sorts of weird, ultra-niche dating apps have sprung up in the wake of popular sites like Match and eHarmony. FarmersOnly connects lonely agrarian countryfolk. UglyShmucks matches people who are “beautiful on the inside.” GlutenFreeSingles is a thing that actually exists. Then of course there’s Tinder, the dating app (or one-night-stand app, depending on who you ask) used by every twentysomething you know, which has apparently processed 8 billion mutual swipe-rights since its 2012 release. Now, a dating app called LuvByrd promises to bring together those who share a love for adventure and all things related to the great outdoors.

Developed and already in use in Colorado, LuvByrd is now available nationwide. It works similar to other dating apps in that you make a profile, add photos and specify the age range and gender you’re looking for, but with this app you also fill out a quick survey on your favorite outdoor activities. Using this data, LuvByrd generates a list of nearby singles who enjoy the same activities you do. If you spot someone you like, hit the “<3” button to express your interest. If you spot someone who enjoys, say, paddleboarding, and you hate paddleboarding, hit the “X” button to hide their profile. If you match, you or the other person can begin an in-app conversation whenever you feel the time is right — a degree of flexibility unavailable in other apps like Bumble or Hinge, which limit how long you can wait before sending the first message, as well as, in Bumble’s case, who’s allowed to send the first message.

The premise of LuvByrd is especially attractive if you live in an urban area where your day-to-day interactions are likely to be with people who prefer cocktail bars and museums to lakes and mountains. Start swiping today and you might find a hiking partner to hit the trails with this weekend.

Creating a LuvBryd account is free, but add-on features, like being able to see who’s viewed your profile or unlimited messaging, run anywhere from $3/month to $10/month.

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