This Winter, Stay Fit Indoors with These Workouts

Winter and the holidays are right around the corner, don’t let them ruin your hard-earned beach bod.


When winter creeps in and the holidays peek around the corner, your beach bod is in grave danger. It’s easy to stop working out and go into hibernation as soon as the mercury dips below the freezing point. To help stave off winter fat, we’ve got a collection of workouts that burn fat faster than cheese in a griddle. And because you can’t do the workout if you don’t have the proper gear, we’ve also included a handful of our best fitness buying guides to help get you sorted.

Don’t Let Yourself Go

Minimize the Winter Weight-Gain Risks

3 Quick Total Body Workouts Recommended by the Pros

We know you like buffet-style meals. Put down the meatballs and sidle up to a smörgåsbord of workouts.

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Combat Holiday Overeating With the HIIT Workout

15 minutes, six short, very intense anaerobic workouts, zero equipment.

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The 7-Minute Workout That May* Get You Ripped

Can one app can change your bod forever?

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The Gear

What You Need to Keep Your Workouts Going


3 Running Kits to Help You Fight Through Winter’s Frigid Temps

The gear you need to keep your cardio routine outside this winter. Learn More: Here


How to Dress for Every Workout at the Gym

You wouldn’t play basketball in football pads and a helmet, so why dress the same for weightlifting as you would yoga? Learn More: Here


The Best Running Shoes of 2016

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