Nokian Hakkapeliitta W240 Studded Bicycle Tires

Be studly


When it comes to winter-weather riding it’s a safe bet that the Finnish are going to know a thing or two. If you’re the type of rider who relishes in the idea of plowing through 3 inches of morning snowfall on your commute then it’s virtually guaranteed you’re going to need the right set of tires — for control and efficient power. Swap your standard rubber with a pair of studded beasts like the Nokian Hakkapeliittaa W240’s ($69, each). Each tire is handmade with no less than two-hundred and forty steel studs with carbide pins ensuring loads of grip. Like the winter tires on your car, the Nokian’s tread pattern is also designed to shed snow ensuring low rolling resistance. Admittedly, you may not be able to pronounce it when people ask how you attain such awe-inspiring winter control, but who cares when they’re all behind you struggling to make it up the hill.

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