Is There Anything This New Adventure Flask Can't Do?

Hibear somehow makes coffee and cocktails — and keeps your water ice-cold, too.

hibear all day adventure flask

When we saw a very early version of the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask at OR last summer, we were plenty intrigued by its promise. The stylish prototype packed a whole of potential into its 32-ounce body. After all, how many trail bottles do you know that can produce pourover coffee in the morning, keep your water cold all day and serve you cocktails at night?

Now this much anticipated Swiss Army knife-like product is finally coming to life via Kickstarter, and the refined sample in our hands right now has us itching to get out in the backcountry pronto. Because the finished product is can do all those jobs and more, including making tea, infusions and cold brew.

How? Three years of development led to some very clever and efficient construction, integrating such features as an invertible pourover lid, a cocktail trainer, a steel filter basket, a thermal core and a removable silicone sleeve that doubles as a cup for your buddy or a bowl for a four-legged friend.

hibear all day adventure flask

It's worth noting that trying to do it all has its pitfalls, and we probably wouldn't recommend mixing up an Old-Fashioned right after brewing some java. However, we applaud all the R&D that has gone into this flask, and we're not the only believers: it has already tripled its funding goal with 30 days to go.

A pledge of $65 saves you $20 off the anticipated retail price, with units expected to ship next spring. Click play below to see our first impressions of it last year, and click the link to jump to the Kickstarter page.

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