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4 New Spyderco Pocket Knives Fit for Your EDC

The 42-year-old pocket knife company just revealed a big batch of updates and new models. Here are our favorites.

four pocket knives with different shapes and handles

A 40-year-old pocket knife company is perhaps the unlikeliest business to adopt tactics from the fashion industry, but that's precisely what Spyderco did when it morphed its release cycle into one characterized by seasonal drops. Spyderco doesn't call them that — they're known as "reveals" — and it just announced its most recent. Upgrades define the latest batch of pocket knives; beloved pocket knife models see new finishes, new steels and new blade shapes. Here are our favorites from the lot.

Bug Black


The Bug is one of the company's littlest knives. It's a non-locking slip joint that'll fit on a keychain, but its 1.26-inch drop-point blade is plenty capable of everyday cutting tasks. Now it comes in an ever-so-sleek, all-black finish.

Preorder Now: $21

Tenacious Lightweight Blue CPM S35VN


The Tenacious has gone through its fair share of updates, and the latest is all about its blade steel. Crucible Industries' S35VN is one of the best-known premium steels available. It is prized by knife makers and users alike for balancing all the qualities you'd want in a knife blade, such as corrosion resistance and edge retention.

Preorder Now: $98

Manbug Wharncliffe


Another design that'll be recognizable to Spyderco fans is the Manbug, but they've never seen it like this. The locking keychain folder, slightly larger than the Bug, now comes with a 1.97-inch Wharncliffe blade, a shape ideal for slicing and avoiding accidental punctures. Better yet, the blade on this version of the Manbug is made of VG-10, a steel type with high corrosion resistance and edge retention, so you won't have to worry too much about maintenance.

Preorder Now: $56



The Pattadese is one of the few all-new designs in Spyderco's recent drop reveal, but it doesn't spring out of nowhere. It has a predecessor in the Pattada, a knife Spyderco based on the blades produced in the Sardinian town of the same name. The Pattadese is its smaller cousin with a 3.16-inch blade.

Preorder Now: $203

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