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Arc'teryx, Ortovox Team Up to Create the World's Lightest, Safest Avalanche Pack

At under three pounds, this pack is lightweight, state-of-the-art — and ready to roll.

woman wearing arcteryx backpack

This week, Arc'teryx and Ortovox — two of the most respected names in the outdoors — announced their partnership on a fall/winter 2022 avalanche bag — one which the brands say is the lightest, safest avy pack on the market, thanks to their innovative new electronic system, Litric.

For those of us that haven't traversed the backcountry, a bit of context: traditionally, avalanche packs were mechanical, meaning they're powered by compressed gas cylinders that inflate the pack balloon in the event of an avalanche. Electronic packs use powerful fans inflate to inflate the balloon, but in the past, have come with their own problems: inefficient functioning in the cold, false inflations due to competing electrical current and more.

woman wearing arcteryx backpack
two hands holding a black arcteryx backpack

With the new Litric system, Arc'teryx and Ortovox have solved these functional issues, while cutting weight and adding modularity to the pack. The ultra-lightweight, 2.4 pound inflation system is powered by a centrifugal compressor with a compact axial diffuser that fills the airbag in four seconds. Surrounding the compressor are nine supercapacitors, which are lightweight, high-energy and able to withstand cold temperatures.

The Litric system also comes with a secondary energy source in the form of a lithium ion battery — one smaller than the battery in your smartphone — and able to reload the supercapacitors after an inflation in less than an hour.

When it's fully charged, the Litric Airbag System can provide at least two inflations for at least 60 hours of use — if you set off the first inflation, it only takes an hour for the system to recharge and the bag to re-inflate. If you're out of battery or prepping for a trip, the system is able to be charged to full capacity in 25 minutes, via USB-C. The feather-light 150-liter airbag is made from two separate layers of material that can stuffed back into the airbag pocket, rather than folded. This saves critical time in the backcountry, which translates into lives saved on the mountain.

The Ortovox Litric system will be able in three pack sizes from Arc'tryx: a 16-liter, 32-liter and 42-liter, all optimized for touring. The pack contains an avalanche tool pocket, an external helmet carry system, a sternum strap with safety whistle and waist belt with stash pocket, among other features.

Another bonus? All of the bag's components are made in Germany, relying on legendary German engineering and the local economy to produce top-of-the-line, cutting edge product. Look for it on sale this fall.

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