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How to Take Charge With A More Reliable, More Powerful E-Bike

What makes Aventon’s Aventure Ebike worth talking about – by Gear Patrol Studios.

aventure step through ebike
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Over the years, Aventon has become a major purveyor of accessible, high-quality e-bikes. With options for everything from commuting to off-road exploring, the brand recently added the Aventure Ebike to its lineup. Available in both step-over and step-through frames, the Aventure is a powerful e-bike ready to tackle a wide range of terrains with fat 4” tires.

Equipped with a suite of perks, Aventon claims the Aventure is the most “powerful and versatile e-bike” the team has ever designed. For those looking to speed through your next trail, or put the pedal to the metal, this bike is exactly what you’re looking for.

aventure step through ebike

The Backstory

An E-Bike For Everyone

Founded in 2012, Aventon originally focused on fixed-gear bicycles before releasing its first e-bike –– the Pace 500 –– in 2018. Since then, the team has expanded its e-bike roster to include everything from road bikes to folding models to powerful fat tire models like the Aventure. Fans of the brand celebrate its commitment to unique, durable bikes that promise comfort no matter the terrain.

The Gist

Best in Class: Choose Between Class 2 or Class 3

With 4” wide knobby tires and 80mm of front suspension, the Aventure is built for sand, trails, roads, and even gravel. The bike ships as a Class 2 but can be configured as a Class 3 e-bike; meaning users can rely on either standard pedal-assist (PAS) or harness the throttle for a more powerful ride. If opting for pedal assist, users can shift between five PAS levels that max out around 28mph.

The Aventure also boasts a 720Wh Battery that can power the bike for 27 miles with no pedaling, or 53 miles on the lowest PAS level. That said, you can also use the battery to charge your phone or other external devices via a USB port located in the bike’s primary display.


Access More Ride Data, Power and Terrain

The display on the Aventure is one thing that really sets this model apart. Mounted between the handlebars, the compact screen shows your current speed, battery charge and pedal assist level. Beneath these basic units, users can also choose to view their total ride distance, calories burned, CO2 saved and average or max speed. After downloading the Aventon App, you can also sync the app to your bike to better track your ride data or share photos from your journey.

With a 750W motor, the Aventon Aventure is a decidedly powerful e-bike. It’s equipped with everything you’ll need to comfortably power through a standard trail, dirt, or road ride with extra safety features like tail lights and a fender. That said, it won’t replace a mountain bike on rough terrain, but it’s sure to pack a punch on your next ride –– or adventure.

Price: $1,999


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