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The Isle Switch SUP / Kayak Combo Is a Little Extra, But I'm Into It

Does the world need a 2-in-1 stand-up paddleboard / kayak? Probably not. Do we want it? Absolutely.

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I know you know the feeling of being out on the water on your inflatable stand-up paddle board, wind at your back, when all of a sudden it hits you: you'd rather be kayaking. What can a person do, besides turn back to shore, deflate, dry and pack their SUP, head home and grab the kayak and turn around to repeat the entire process?

Well, what used to be the bane of beach and lake activities has been solved by one intrepid item: the brand-new Isle Switch.

San Diego-based SUP and surf brand Isle created this this nifty two-in-one SUP and kayak combo in an effort to deliver versatility without compromising performance. As the name suggests, users can easily transition from SUP to kayak without having to be forced to choose between the two.

Switch things up this summer with Isle’s new hybrid watercraft.

The 19-pound hybrid watercraft can switch from paddle board to kayak in "seconds", according to the brand, thanks to its patent-pending Islelink connection system; a series of rugged webbing loops that run the length of the board rails. The webbing can be used to attach complementary Islelink accessories, or to lash two kayaks together for tandem use, should the desire arise.

In paddle board mode, the Switch features a full-length soft and grippy traction pad and the Islelink system; in kayak mode, it features a 4.0-inch inflatable seat cushion and fiberglass-reinforced seat backs for comfort and control on the water. In either mode, the Switch has a 425 pound capacity, and comes with the Air-Tech Fusion Lite board, one seat, one footrest, 2-in-1 paddle, inflation pump with gauge and premium travel backpack.

The Switch is currently available for pre-order on Isle's site; you can sign up now for release updates.


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