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What makes Lifestraw's Collapsible Squeeze Filter worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.

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Over the years, Lifestraw has made a name for itself in the outdoor industry. Today, the brand’s super portable filtration straws are sold everywhere from Costco to REI and its humanitarian efforts have helped build clean water access worldwide.

Recently, the company reimagined its outdoor offerings with the introduction of the Peak Series. The collection includes 1L and 650ml Collapsible Squeeze Bottles aimed at the ultra-gear savvy backpacking and thru-hiking markets. These bottles make accessing clean water in the backcountry possible, without weighing hikers down over long distances.

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Adam Barker

The Backstory

LifeStraw Has Long Led the Charge for Clean Water

At LifeStraw, clean water isn’t just a business, it's a purpose. The company’s flagship product, the Straw, was originally developed to remove Guinea Worm from drinking water and prevent Guinea Worm Disease. From there, the team led a humanitarian charge to distribute the product in rural communities throughout Africa. It was almost 10 years before Lifestraw evolved the business to become consumer-facing, and began offering water filtration products to the masses.

These days, LifeStraw has a large consumer product line, covering everything from outdoor to travel to home-focused filtration – but the team still gives back. With every purchase, a child in need receives access to safe water for an entire year, and as a Climate Neutral Certified B Corp the brand's business practices back up its original mission. Lifestraw's newest line, The Peak Series, is the biggest update to its product offerings, with an update to its original flagship product and the introduction of best-in-class gravity and squeeze filters.

The Gist

Why is the LifeStraw Squeeze a game changer?

The Collapsible Squeeze Bottle marries form and function to deliver a fast, lightweight filtration system in a sleek package. The replaceable filter is good for up to 500 gallons and filters over 99.999 percent of bacteria, parasites and microplastics, making it safe to use in almost any fresh water source.

What really sets the LifeStraw products apart are their durability. When you’re miles away from your car, or the next town, the last thing you want is for your drinking water to be compromised. The Squeeze is made from premium materials and every element has been thoroughly considered to avoid any potential for leakage, rips or tears.

On top of all that, it’s ultra lightweight and portable, with both models weighing in at less than four ounces. Plus, the flexible material allows you to maximize pack space.


For Long Days on the Trail You Can’t Beat Lifestraw

Recently I took the 1L Lifestraw Collapsible Squeeze on a 28 mile hike through the backcountry of Colorado. Carrying a squeeze filter allowed me to fill up and have easy access to clean drinking water at every section of the trail. Its ultra-fast filtration meant I could use it to quickly fill my other reservoir and then refill the bottle as well, greatly increasing the max amount of water I could carry at any given time. The bottle never leaked or gave me any trouble, and it saved me any worry about water access on a long, hard day.

The LifeStraw Collapsible Squeeze has earned a permanent place in my pack. So for anyone else thinking about going the distance, the Lifestraw Collapsible Squeeze can match you mile for mile.

Price: $32.95-37.95 USD


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