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This is the Perfect Travel Rain Jacket

Arc’Teryx’s new Partition LT has everything I want in a rain shell.


Arc’Teryx just updated its high-end Veilance collection for Spring/Summer 2018, and the brand new Partition LT Coat is everything I’ve ever wanted from a rain jacket, at least when traveling for business or sticking inside the city limits. Like the company’s Monitor coat, which I’ve packed for two years, you can wear the three-quarter length Partition LT over anything, including a blazer. The new jacket likewise features 3-layer GORE-TEX construction, meaning it’s windproof, waterproof and breathable. And it also packs into an included zippered stuff sack that stores in a dedicated pocket.

But the Partition now trumps the Monitor with one game-changing feature — a removable hood. Call me oldfashioned, but I’ve always felt jackets with integrated hoods look less professional. And yet, a good hood is essential for outlasting truly foul conditions. So having the option to swap one equals outerwear nirvana for me. The trick is just not losing the hood when it’s off.

The catch? Like all of Arc’Teryx’s Veilance gear, the Partition LT sells at a steep premium that’s above other great rain jackets without the travel-focused bells and whistles. However, the Partition LT’s price does compete with upscale trench coats from iconic brands like Mackintosh, while offering modern weather-fighting power and convenience.

Based on brand reputation alone, the coat should also last for years with proper care. That’s why it’s rocketed to the top of my gear wishlist for 2018.

Buy Now: $950

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