UK Gear PT-1000 Running Shoes

Walk a Mile? Try Running 1,000.


UK Gear’s PT-1000 ($130) running shoes don’t look like anything special — at least until you notice the presence of the crown and sword logo, which signifies the British Military’s seal of approval. See, unlike your current trainers, a pair of PT-1000s are guaranteed to last for up to 1,000 miles of wear. The secret behind this feat is still, well, a secret. All we know is that these shoes required over eight years of research in conjunction with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, and make use of “proprietary compounds and materials” to reduce wear and tear. That sounds like mostly marketing speak to us, but our friends over at Gear Junkie didn’t find any reason to counteract these claims during their testing. Available now for $130, they represent a great bargain for serious endorphin addicts who are tired of monthly trips to the shoe store. How they’ll smell after 1,000 miles of pavement pounding is something we’ll just avoid thinking about.

Buy Now: $130

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