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After Years of Customer Requests, Yeti Finally Adds Wheels to Its Legendary Cooler

There’s nowhere this cooler can’t go.

The popular Yeti Tundra is known for its tough construction, long-lasting ice holding capabilities and for its sheer durability. And now, all that has been updated with the added functionality of wheels. Introducing the Tundra Haul — the same heavy-duty cooler that put Yeti on the map, now with durable, single-piece polyurethane NeverFlat wheels.

Toss in 45 cans of beer or 55 pounds of ice, then grab the T-Bar StrongArm Handle to pull the full cooler over any surface without worrying that a nail or hole in the ground will puncture the tires. In fact, you could put it through a lot worse than that and the rotomolded construction won’t feel a thing — it can handle whatever bumpy terrain you decide to tackle that day. Dirt and gravel won’t gather in the grooves of the wheels either thanks to a smooth tread pattern.

The aluminum handle is curved to prevent any nicking at your heels as it rolls alongside you, and offers a variety of towing positions aimed at user comfort. The handle also gently lowers when it’s dropped a let go of, so there’s no massive smacking noise of metal against plastic. From the smooth ride to zero noise pollution, Yeti seems to have made its legendary cooler even better.

Once the day’s adventure is over, pop open the vortex drain plug at the bottom of the cooler, lift the handle and it’s practically self-cleaning. While in use, the plug is leakproof, so there are no worries about beer, wine, water, or any other liquid spills in the back of your car or truck. It’ll be available in two colors in the near future — both grey and white.

Stay tuned for our full review after we put the Tundra Haul to the test this summer.

Editor’s Note: “During a hands-on preview of the Yeti Tundra Haul cooler, I was impressed by Yeti’s attention to detail (but then again I shouldn’t be surprised after putting the Hondo camp chair through a thorough test). Yeti could have simply slapped wheels on a Tundra and called it a day. But it didn’t. Yeti agonized over every aspect of how the wheels and handle would integrate into the design to the point that I was asking myself “Is all of this really necessary?” But it is necessary, because that’s who Yeti is. Perhaps the most impressive feature (and of course the most important), is how Yeti integrated the wheels into the design. It managed to retain all space on the interior of the cooler without too many awkward bumps. Other wheeled coolers on the market fail to do this as sleekly as Yeti did. At the end of the day, the Tundra Haul was a no-brainer for Yeti. It was only a matter of time before the brand launched a wheeled cooler, and we’re glad that it’s finally here.” — AJ Powell

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