Giro Manifest Goggles

Conditions be damned, I've got interchangeable lenses


Winter sports nearing their season’s end? Hardly. With flights as cheap as they are now, powder hounds need only look to the Rockies, Canada, and Vermont. Time to gear up – this time it’s with a new pair of goggles.

Giro Manifest Goggles have all that you’d expect in a pair of premium goggles from the venerable extreme sports brand: incredible fit, robust construction, full-size frame that won’t hamper your peripheral vision, and strap outriggers for an over-helmet fit. But here’s where things get clever.

The Giro Manifest Goggles use an interchangeable lens technology (they call it PopTop), and it’s about as simple as simple gets. You don’t even have to touch the lens (read: avoid scratching). The top of the line optic lenses slide in and out and two different lenses are included: Gold Boost 75 and Rose Silver 23. One lens is for low light conditions and the other one is for medium/bright conditions – just like carrying two goggles in one.


Editor’s Note: I have a pair of Bolle Nova goggles. I picked them up last minute on a trip out to Vail a couple years ago and, honestly, they’ve treated me well. However, treating one well doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Two days on the slopes with the Giro Manifests (the black and amber ones you see to the right) have provided an entirely different perspective on goggles. Sure they’ll run you a couple hundred, but it’s funny what a bit of investment will get you: clear vision, incredible comfort, and all-weather flexibility.

Cost: $199

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