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Magnesium Fire Starter

Pyre Strikes Back

Kauffman Mercantile

Starting fires with a lighter is quick and easy, but there’s still magic in the old school. Flint aside, a magnesium striker can make kick-starting a fire a simple affair. The fact that magnesium ignites regardless of damp conditions, is lightweight, and also remains stable when packed make it a camping staple. This magnesium starter ($25) from the venerable lineup at Kauffman Mercantile offers up the functional with a bit of design straight out of Big Sky country. The handle, made from naturally shed elk antlers harvested in the wild, provides a base for the unequivocally hardy looking piece of gear and is equipped with enough magnesium to light your next hundred fires. Further merit: it’s handmade in Montana. Also looped in with a leather strap is a blue steel striker. We’ll leave it up to you to learn how to start a fire using a striker (don’t you already?), but here’s a good place to start

Buy Now: $25

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