Curious About Wharncliffe Pocket Knives? This is the One to Get

Ka-Bar is best known for its military knives, but the company’s latest was designed with a shape specifically for everyday use.


Ka-Bar is well known in the world of knives, but not for the type that you’d carry around every day. Its most famous blade is the USMC, a seven-inch fixed blade that was designed originally for the United States Marines at the onset of World War II. Its strength and utility in and out of combat have made it a popular choice among servicemen and women in wars past and present, so much so that even combat knives not made by the company have commonly been referred to as “kabars.” Ka-Bar’s newest knife isn’t for fighters though; it’s for people who need a knife to use for everyday tasks like opening packages and cutting cords.

The knife is called the Jarosz Wharncliffe Flipper, which is a straightforward name that signifies precisely what it is: a folding, flipper-style pocket knife with a Wharncliffe blade shape that was designed by Jesse Jarosz (it’s also available with a spear point). The blade is 3.375 inches long and made of corrosion-resistant AUS-8A stainless steel that’s held with a G10 handle and a titanium backside.

The Jarosz Flipper proves to be a foil to the iconic USMC battle knife, most notably with the Wharncliffe shape. Wharncliffe blades, which are characterized by a curved spine that extends gradually from the handle to the tip, are commonly used in utility knives. The shape allows them to cut and slice while minimizing the possibility for an accidental puncture with the less-exposed tip. Historically, they were favored by farmers and sailors, but are just as capable in the hands of contemporary workers of all types. And even though it isn’t the Ka-Bar, it still comes with the same high rank of quality that the company has built its reputation on for over 100 years.

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