Kershaw’s Latest Pocket Knife Is Tiny, and That’s a Good Thing

The new Kershaw Launch 10 pocket knife features a hawkbill style blade that offers superb pull-cutting capabilities for any daily task.



A pocket knife should be discrete, easily deployed and sturdy enough for any daily task. By that definition, the new Kershaw Launch 10 stands head and shoulders above many others.

At 5.2 inches open (3.2 inches closed), the Launch 10 ticks off the “tiny” box. It offers a push-button on the anodized aluminum handle to open the hawkbill-style blade quickly; the blade is made from CPM 154 steel, with angular planes on both the blade spine and handle. The curved shape of the blade and positioning of the razor-sharp tip provide superb pull-cutting capabilities. This makes it especially handy for a multitude of daily tasks, from opening boxes to cutting twine or loose threads, giving you a knife that’s deserving of everyday-carry status and useful to a fault.

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Note: Owning and carrying an automatic knife isn’t legal in every state due to the Federal Switchblade Act. As such, Kershaw automatic knives are only sold through authorized Kershaw dealers.

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