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Patagonia Wants You to Get Its New Clothing as Dirty as Possible

Patagonia created its new Hose-Down slicker jacket and bibs for the toughest jobs, from farming to crab fishing.


We can count on Patagonia for seasonal re-releases of its classic fleeces, innovations that make insulated jackets warmer and lighter at the same time and a constant push for sustainability across all its products. These things are predictable in the best way. It’s because of that that Patagonia’s most exciting collection in terms of unexpected new items is its still-fresh line of workwear. Since launching the line in 2017, Patagonia has expanded it from hemp canvas to Dyneema-laced denim and now, a tight new collection called Hose-Down.

Patagonia made Hose-Down workwear for precisely what it might sound like: getting dirty, and then getting wet. The collection includes a slicker-style jacket and bibs to protect against the grimiest type of work — farming and crab fishing feature in the gear promo videos. Those who are well-versed in Patagonia’s outdoor products might recognize the Hose-Down material — 7.1-ounce nylon ripstop fabric with a TPU coating — from the brand’s Lightweight Black Hole bags. Those are commonly used to drag gear through mud and over rocks, so it’s no wonder that Patagonia chose it to make clothing designed to do just the same.

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