Your Protein Powder Deserves a Bottle That Looks This Good — and Works This Well

Say goodbye to chunks of protein powder in your recovery drink.


You know you need a protein powder drink after workouts to help with muscle recovery, but sometimes the plastic shaker bottles don’t do the trick. You can only shake so many times before they start to smell, leak or worse, leave you guzzling chunks of protein powder. The new Bolde Bottle claims to change the game. The stainless steel exterior is vacuum insulated with a silicone cap that stays shut. Instead of a golf ball-sized metal mixer, this one attaches the mixer to the lid, so there’s no rattling. It’s also easy to clean since you can detach all of these pieces and handwash them. There’s also a separate compartment for storing the powder or a snack.

After two years of prototyping, the Bolde Bottle recently launched on Kickstarter — and was rapidly funded in two days and eight hours. Thanks to 1,220 backers, Bolde Bottle blew past its original pledge goal of $30,000 and is quickly coming up on $90,000. You can back this project now on Kickstarter through August 9, and you’ll get your bottle in December.

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