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This Tent Is for People Who Don’t Like Camping

Snow Peaks Entry Pack TS tent is about living outdoors, not surviving it.

a large brown tent with a large window and a sun shade
Snow Peak

Camping can often seem like a distant pursuit, accessible only to a select group who possess a mysterious knowledge of the wilderness. The way camping — and the gear involved — is talked about and displayed in photos, you’d be forgiven for thinking you have to go on an epic backpacking trip or scale a glaciated mountain to do it “right.” But that’s all wrong; there’s more than one way to camp, and most often it just means hanging out and sleeping somewhere, anywhere, in a tent. That’s the kind of camping Snow Peak uplifts with its big, livable shelters, including the Entry Pack TS.

Snow Peak frames the Entry Pack as a gateway into its unique vision of camping. The Japanese outdoor brand’s point of view is one best characterized as outdoor living, as opposed to surviving in the wilderness. Its tents are luxuriously big and made with premium materials. The Entry Pack is no exception — it sleeps five people comfortably and includes an attached vestibule that’s tall enough to stand up in and act as an outdoor living room (complete with windows and a skylight). The tent’s comforts make for an approachable way to get into camping without roughing it entirely. The only thing that’s not so entry-level is the price: this deluxe shelter goes for $1,195. But did we mention the skylight?

Buy Now: $1,195

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