These Custom Knives Are Affordable and Heirloom Worthy

Deejo’s high-quality, fully custom knives will be something you’ll want to pass down.


France has a long history of quality knifemaking, and Deejo is no exception. In 2010, the brand’s founder Stéphane Lebeau crafted a knife that was designed to be lightweight by nature. He didn’t choose less-premium materials, or simply make the knife smaller, but designed it to be slim and lightweight — easily fitting in your pocket. These principals are still key to the brand today. In the words of Lebeau, “the best pocketknife is the one you carry in your pocket on an everyday basis.” With Deejo’s premium features and slim design, we see that being a pretty easy habit to get into.


1. Ultralight: Deejo’s knives are named for their weight, highlighting the brand’s dedication to crafting a kife that is inherently lightweight. The knives’ handles are almost skeletonized, keeping weight down but allowing the knife to be a highly functional tool. In fact, Deejo’s lightest knife weighs in at just 15-grams — about the weight of a CD.

2. Customization at your fingertips: With Deejo’s tattoo program, you can fully customize your blade to create a unique heirloom that speaks to you — much in the same way you would a tattoo. Through the MyDeejo portal, you can choose every detail, like “tattooing” the chisel-ground 420 stainless steel blade with one of over 60 illustrations, selecting the material for the handle, or engraving the handle with the text of your choice.

3. Highly giftable: Gifting a high-quality custom knife can often be cost-prohibitive, but Deejo challenges that. It’s custom knives start at just $35, so whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or an heirloom-quality gift this season, Deejo has you covered.

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