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Leatherman’s Best Multi-Tools Just Got Even Better

The amazing magnet-based Free line expands with the K-Series, featuring some big ol’ blades.


If you’ve been keeping up on your knife and EDC news, you are probably well aware that Leatherman has been changing the game with its Free line, which uses magnets to enable one-hand access to a host of handy implements, all engaged with some of the most satisfying swings and clicks known to man.

It started early this year with the plier-centric P-Series before expanding to the compact T-Series. Recently, however, the brand launched what may be its best and sexiest chapter yet, the K-Series. This collection consists of four options. The K2 and K2x feature a total of eight essential daily tools, including screwdrivers, openers, a pry tool and an awl. The K4 and K4x add spring-action scissors to the mix. All of these tools are accessible with one hand, of course.

And all four varieties have one other badass thing in common: a 3.35-inch, high-quality 420 steel blade that is all business. (The K2x and K4x add serrations to that blade for additional versatility.)

Sometimes in life, you just need that really big blade that can cut through anything. And by adding such an implement to its most advanced series, Leatherman has once again improved on something that was already pretty awesome.

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