Moonshot Wiffle Ball Bat



Wiffle Ball is the best summer sport. Ever. There is nothing like grilling, having a cold beer, and throwing your arm out by trying to strike out your softball playing cousin.  Personally, I always enjoyed smoking my younger brother with a nasty curve (mind you, he’s 8.5 yrs younger than me) – until he got really good. I gracefully retired once he started hitting that curve out of the front yard and into the street.

Despite its humble beginnings though, Wiffle Ball is no longer just a backyard game. Nowadays, you can find competitive teams playing for money, scuffing balls for better movement, and pitchers that make Rivera’s cutter look like it belongs in tee ball (if you don’t believe me, click here or here to see some videos). However, as the game has evolved, so has the equipment.


The new 2.75″ Moonshot Spectra Carb (SCX) is the top bat in the sport (preferred by many of the Fast Plastic and GSWL athletes).  Made from Carbon Fiber and something called Spectra (stronger than Kevlar), it’s made to flex just enough to avoid physically crushing the ball, but still launch it for a ride. After some personal testing, I can attest that this bat is no joke. While messing around at the park, I connected well and had a few shots go easily 150′, which is MAMMOTH for a Wiffle Ball blast. That kind of distance would be unheard of from an original plastic yellow bat, even with a Clear induced Bonds wielding it, let alone for us normal folk. So does this classify as complete overkill? Hell yes, and it’s awesome. Take a look – as it’s guaranteed to provide smiles for many summers to come.

Editor’s Note: Now I just need to take a pilgrimage to Little Fenway and pretend I’m Big Papi.

Cost: $160

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