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Better Golf for Less than a Box of Pro V1's


A solitary golfer toils at the end of a driving range, working through a once mountainous pile of golf balls. Each swing brings with it the promise of better golf, but all too often is replaced by mounting frustration. We’ve all been there. Continued struggle leads to a more mechanical process as you search for that one swing thought to key in on in the hopes of breaking out of your rut. My own experiences in this very scenario led my to Shawn Clement. If you’re ready to better your own game once and for all, I’ll introduce you after the jump.

Shawn Clement is the Director of Instruction at the Richmond Hill Learning Centre. Located just outside Toronto, he’s been teaching for over 20 years and is a scratch golfer both right and left-handed. Yeah, that’s a new one for me too.

What drew me to Shawn’s teaching is his ability to explain relativity complex concepts in an easily understandable and digestible manner. From your body’s natural biometric motions to the role of psychics in the golf swing (who knew gravity was so helpful?), Shawn relates each concept back to simple body motions. Shawn also debunks several of the popular, current teaching methods that were ruining my game.


Shawn’s perpetual swing concept sets the club in all of the correct positions, eliminating the need for mechanical swing thoughts. This rhythmic motion also creates effortless lag and, therefore, easily-controllable power. For someone who was mired in a million swing thoughts and tried to hit a series of check points throughout the swing, Shawn has unshackled my mind and freed me to enjoy playing golf again. For that I’m very grateful.

The Shawn Clement DVD Set consists of 3 discs and over 4 hours of instruction. Shawn takes you from the basics of grip and posture to maintaining a stacked, support posture throughout your swing. He then walks you through his training drills that will enable you to ingrain his teachings so they are automatic when you step on the tee. Finally, you’re off to the course with Shawn to self-diagnosis problems as they arise and to work on the short game skills that will really drop your score.

GP readers, Shawn Clement has helped my golf game ascend to a new level. There’s no better compliment I can pay him. If you’re a feel player, or you want to get away from a mechanical mind set (as I’m attempting and recommend you do as well) then Shawn’s DVD is a must own. Now if he can just fix the rest of the GP Editors, then that would be true magic.

Cost: $40

Ed Note: Shawn also offers a swing analysis service ($10-$60) from email questions to video analysis to a follow up phone dialog. If you’re looking for direct feedback then drop Shawn a line. He’d be happy to hear from you.

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