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The 10 Best Fixed-Blade Knives Available

From cutting wood to skinning critters, these blades are tough enough to rough it.

best fixed blade knives

On September 19, 1827, a fight broke out on a Mississippi River sandbar. What started as a formal duel between two notable Louisiana families ended in a skirmish in which Jim Bowie, originally just a supporter on the sidelines, was shot and stabbed before drawing out a large knife and killing a man named Norris Wright. Bowie survived his injuries, took up the knife as his trademark weapon and became an American folk hero.

The fixed-blade knife has been steeped in hyperbole ever since. Large blades loom massive in pop culture — Rambo’s massive serrated spine knife and Crocodile Dundee’s giant clip-point are two notable examples. Such slabs of steel present a satisfying flash in front of a camera lens but don’t offer more in the way of utility. In fact, their unwieldiness probably makes them less adept at performing the simple, everyday tasks that a fixed blade is most commonly used for.

When used to its best purpose, a knife is a multipurpose tool. (Who really wants to be in a knife fight anyway? Bowie barely survived his first one). A sharp blade is near limitless in its functions, from filleting a freshly caught fish to making an emergency repair on a ripped tent.

This guide provides information on the nine top fixed blades for a variety of activities and applications. In it, we break down each model based on key features like length, weight, materials, price and more.

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Best Bushcraft Fixed Blade
KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion
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Best Wood Handle Fixed Blade
Helle Utvaer
Best Fixed Blade for Fishing
Bubba Multi-Flex Interchangeable Blade
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