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J.Crew continues their march to bring men well-curated, distinctively heritage inspired American attire. This time, it’s Levi’s Vintage Clothing – a collection of denim wear recreated (by hand) with the original spit and polish used in 1873. An era when clothing was a not a temporary affair.

Gear Patrol was invited to check out the launch at J.Crew’s new Men’s Shop (484 Broadway, New York). We gladly obliged, bringing along our trust Nikons in tow. The event also worked out to be a perfect opportunity to share with you not only the new vintage goods, but also the new J.Crew Men’s Shop itself. Be sure to mark it as a definite stop next time you’re in New York. You can also find the new Levi’s Vintage Clothing line at the Men’s Shop at the Liquor Store in Tribeca.

Hit the jump for a photo montage and more information about Levi’s Vintage lineup.


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J.Crew Levi’s Vintage Clothing Jeans

1967 Levi’s 505 Dead Stock Jean ($195)

One of the first pre-shrunk styles created by Levi’s, the 1967-505 is a ‘60s fashion icon with slimmer styling—a fit that has a devoted following even today. The Dead Stock is a ready-for-hard-labor jean in heavyweight red selvedge denim made just as it was decades ago—on original narrow looms. (Slim Fit, Slightly Tapered Leg, Zipper Fly)

1947 Levi’s 501 Brain Dead Jean ($325)

The definitive five-pocket jean and quintessential 501 model. The Brain Dead jean is made from red selvedge denim that’s hardly washed, and lightly scuffed for an authentic aged finish. (Regular Fit, Straight Leg, Button Fly)

1967 Levi’s 505 Tiny Dark Jean ($295)

One of the first pre-shrunk styles created by Levi’s, the 1967-505 is a ‘60s fashion icon with slimmer styling—a fit that has a devoted following even today. The Tiny Dark red selvage finish is well worn and will mold to your shape. (Slim Fit, Slightly Tapered Leg, Zipper Fly)

1937 501 Barren Land Jean ($395)

The epitome of classic vintage style, the1937-501 is one of the last authentic workwear jeans before clothes rationing during World War II. The Barren Land finish is hard worn and minimally washed. Faded abrasions against its deep blue indigo color create varying sharp contrasts. (Regular Fit, Relaxed Seat, Loose Leg, Button Fly)

1947 Levi’s 501 Exile Jean ($295)

Regarded as the definitive five-pocket jean and the quintessential 501 model. The Exile finish features patches of wear, creasing and rust on authentically worn-in cotton denim. (Regular Fit, Straight Leg, Button Fly)

1920’s Levi’s Sack Coat ($298)

Born in the 1920’s, the Sack Coat is an iconic piece of American workwear history. It’s made in lighter-weight denim and is notable for it’s branded brass buttons. The creased, worn finish against the vibrant indigo is true indication that this garment has worked long and hard.

Only available at the J.Crew Men’s Shop and J.Crew Men’s Shop At The Liquor Store

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