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10 Style-Forward Five-Panel Hats

Camp cap, volley, tradesmith hat, welders cap — whatever you call it, five-panel hats are a stylish accessory.


Though little is known for sure about their actual origins (some trace them back to cycling caps, others to volleyball, others still to clubbers in Berlin), there is no doubt that five-panel hats are a staple among streetwear trendsetters. They go by many names: camper, volley, tradesmith cap and welder’s cap, to name a few. The common thread is their construction. They all feature one horizontal panel in the front, a half moon panel on each side and two vertical panels on top. While Supreme may be the most recognizable brand making the five-panel, thanks in no small part to Tyler, the Creator, there are many other brands making quality and stylish versions that accent any outfit.

The Hats

Official Crown of Laurel Bad Trip ($32)

Brixton Hendrick ($34)

Patagonia Retro Fitz Roy Label ($35)

Benny Gold Cloud Paisley Grey ($36)

Huf Brushed Tweed Volley ($40)

Fair Ends Donnegal Tweed Camp Cap ($48)

MBS Union ($48)

Norse Projects Loose Twill ($65)

Monitaly Geo Blue ($80)

Killspencer 5-Panel ($129)

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