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Top Gun Style, Made for Civilians

The perfect accompaniment to your jet set life.


In the past century of flight, pilots have captured the imagination of people the world over. The mix of talent, intellect and willpower make for a powerful aura, often grounded in a tangible, functional wardrobe. Leather jackets and lace-up boots are standard issue, with simple shirts and chinos adding a level of professionalism. Even if you don’t own a plane, these stylish garments will channel the percipient nature of expert airmen.

Printed Calf Belt by Anderson’s $95

Standard Shirt by Edwin $105

Aros Light Twill Chino by Norse Projects $135

Aviator Square Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering $153

Leather Medium Travel Explorer by Barbour $405

Americana Semi-Dress Boot by White’s Boots $447

Leather Bomber Jacket by AMI $1,385

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun by IWC $10,900

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