Meet NEED, a Line of Basics From One of Fashion’s Top Retailers

After twenty years of business, Need Supply Co.

Earlier this week, the fashion retailer Need Supply Co., known for it’s incredibly well-curated assortment of ready-to-wear clothing, launched its first in-house collection under the name NEED. “We’ve been working on the idea for a few years,” said Creative Director Gabriel Ricioppo. “We’ve been in business for twenty years, which is a long time in the apparel industry, and we’ve seen a lot come and go. At this point we want to have our own line that reflects the ideas and vision of our brand.”

For NEED’s inaugural collection, which covers both men and women’s clothing, that vision focuses on casual basics — tee shirts, jeans, chinos — all in muted, approachable color schemes. “We focused on items we felt were core pieces,” said Ricioppo. “It’s pretty simple, but I just want to make things for my friends.”

The entire collection is also manufactured on American soil, he added. “It was important that we started in the USA. It allowed us to be very hands-on with the process. Sometimes it makes sense to produce things overseas, but the apparel production industry in L.A. is a good one, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

NEED’s first collection will be followed by a pre-fall release, and two more fall deliveries before the end of the year. “The line will grow in its complexity,” said Ricioppo, “but we plan to always stock great basics and denim. Those are foundational pieces for most people.” The pieces start at $65, and can be purchased online or at one of Need Supply Co.’s retail locations in Virginia and Japan.

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