This Week in Style: Essential Summer Upgrades

Retire your worn-out standbys and dress better this summer.



Though your jeans and button-downs can easily transition from spring to summer, you need some warm-weather garments to take you through the second or third month of relentless sun. It’s time to give your outfits some new life. Retire an old pair of shorts and that hole-ridden t-shirt, and replace them with some upgraded sun-friendly clothing. Embrace the camp collar, try some chic slip-ons or indulge in a better watch; just don’t let your style slip just because it’s terribly hot. – John Zientek

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“I think it’s incredible how products can represent so much to people and can take on layers of meaning and emotion.”
– Evan Kinori

Summer Essentials

Seasonable Upgrades

A Timepiece to Take to the Skies

This functional pilot’s watch from Oris features a Calibre 111 movement, a subsidiary second dial at 9 hour, a non-linear power reserve indicator at 3 hour, and a date window, all with the recognizable 44mm crown from the Big Crown ProPilot family.

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5 Great Sunglasses for Summer

Sunglasses are an accessory, a statement, a must-have when summer days stretch long and the heat settles in.

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Style Guide: A Warm Summer, a Great Hat

Warm-weather hats for men are crushable and breathable, made for traveling and protecting the face and neck from powerful UV rays.

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The Summer Style Trend You Should Know: Camp Collars

Commonly associated with bowling shirts and aloha prints, the camp collar is back thanks to its casual panache.

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Your Summer Shoes: Vayarta Slip-Ons

Inspired by south-of-the-border beach culture, these leather slip-ons are handmade and hand-dyed in Mexico and have a beautiful simple design.

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Wish List: The $530 Henley

Greg Chait’s luxury cashmere brand, The Elder Statesman, makes a henley that is drool-worthy. Here’s why.

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This Jacket Is Your Summer Must-Have

Evan Kinori, a San Francisco-based designer, took inspiration from century-old European work jackets when designing his Three Pocket Jacket.

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