Jack Spade Neptune Trench

Look Good, Stay Dry(er)

Jack Spade Neptune Coat

GORE-TEX and its analogous water-proof brand-specific variants can be a life saver for camping or just getting to work in a down pour. The downside is that most jackets made using this material look better suited for Everest than the office. Trench coats have been a staple of men’s fashion for decades because they provide adequate rain protection in light drizzle, while still looking good when paired with an oxford and tie. The Neptune trench ($595) follows this tradition diligently, but replaces the classic baggy fit for a tailored cut that’s more in line with today’s styling. The exterior is made of a cotton synthetic blend for decent water resistance and breath-ability. There’s also an interior pocket for sheltering personal items like phones and glasses. We know $600 isn’t exactly in impulse buy range, but with proper care it should provide years of good use. It’s also far more reasonable than a classic Burberry.

Buy Now: $595

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