Step Up Your Sneaker Game With These All-In-One Classics from Casca

Casca's Avro Knit Shoes will be your new everyday sneakers for years to come.

So-called "premium" sneaker brands are seemingly a dime a dozen — but few actually live up to the marketing hype they are promoted with. An exception to that stigma is Casca, a premium shoe brand that actually prioritizes quality and durability over fancy marketing. Casca's new Avro collection features not only a classic aesthetic, but it's also backed by a five-year warranty. It's available in both knit and leather, and is designed to be comfortable, making use of performance-driven features like mountaineer-grade rubber (an ultra-durable compound) and orthotic high-rebound insoles. To top it all off, Casca’s patented FootB3D can be added to any product, giving you custom 3D-printed support and a fine-tuned fit. Instead of sporting the next seasonal shoe fad, only to toss them in a never-to-be-worn-again pile at summer’s end, check out the Avro and snag a shoe that will last you at least five years — fewer shoes are good for the planet, and good for your wallet.

Buy Now: $158

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