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The Perfect City Casual Outfit

For a weekend exploring an urban environment.

Chase Pellerin

The beauty of the city is anonymity; you are in the center, and you are nothing. Reinvent yourself. Be different. Be the same. The city doesn’t notice; it continues on around you — you, a part of it and not a part. Let your style be of the same spirit. Muted. Quiet. Unnoticeable until there’s a focus — a zooming in of attention on the details. City casual isn’t about making a statement: sticking another billboard in a city full of bright lights and loud voices. It’s about fitting in with the flow, being anonymous; you, fully yourself.

City Casual

Denim Shirt by APC $220
Tom Loopback Jersey Sweater by NN07 $130
Suede Bomber Jacket by AMI $1,385
107 Slim Fit Jeans by OrSlow $300
Pecos Hawthorne Boot by Redwing Heritage $320
Jagua Bifold Cardholder by Berluti $500

About the Location

This look was shot at The Chatwal’s Producer Suite, in New York City. The Chatwal is a classic, 1930’s Deco inspired luxury hotel and a longtime home to NYC’s theater elite. Learn More: Here

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