Save 10% Off the Perfect Engagement Ring

Or diamond earrings if that's more your speed.

couple co ring
Couple Co.

Getting engaged can be one of the biggest steps you take in your life, so why settle for anything but the perfect ring? If you're planning to pop the question in the coming weeks, take a look at Couple. The brand's Diamond Concierge takes the stress out of picking a ring. The Concierge will not only help you find a style that's sure to fit your significant other's preferences, but it will also help you find something beautiful within your budget. All of Couple's diamonds are ethically lab-grown and are chemically identical to a mined diamond — down to the atom. It's a great way to get a conflict-free diamond for a great price. Take the stress out of your proposal and schedule a free virtual consultation for expert guidance. When you do, use code GEARPATROL10 and you'll get 10 percent off your order of the perfect ring.

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